Organization and governance

Performance management

« Overcoming a challenge is the only way to grow. » - Franck N’diaye

Growth is both material and human. It is successful when the results contribute to improving humankind’s existence.

There’s no better way to grow or to overcome challenges—such as coming through a crisis—than by managing performance. Our team can help! We will guide you in setting performance management objectives, strategies and action plans to net you the expected results. We will help define and monitor performance indicators to find and correct any areas of inefficient performance. Our actions weigh internal and external factors to limit the impacts of potential risks and allow you to seize business opportunities.

We make sure the measures that support your organization’s performance, such as committees, meetings and communications, are efficient. We also check the effectiveness of the various piloting, monitoring and analysis tools your organization uses.

We foster the rigorous implementation of planned actions and the control of risk and opportunity parameters.

Our services

  • Coaching and accompaniment for managers, directors and executives
  • In-company training and external seminars
  • Consulting