The firm

We are strategists, builders and catalysts who simplify, accelerate and maximize your organization’s processes to make life better.

Founded by Franck N’diaye under the name Pracxis International more than 25 years ago, Phenix-Pracxis G5 Consulting inc. serves organizations around the world. In 2019, the company got a fresh new look and adopted a new name that better reflects its DNA.

We’ve seen that social aims and willingness to grow improve results, push limits and highlight the human ingenuity in groups and organizations.

We are convinced that belief in a better world transcends individuals and groups and drives the search for sustainable wealth via objectives and solutions whose results benefit all of society.

The symbols that guides our actions


The Phoenix: Symbol of resurrection and immortality in Greece and China, its head conveys human virtue; its wings, morality; its back, justice; its breast, goodwill; and its belly, good faith.

The crescent moon: Symbol of the passage of time, the time in which we carry out our actions.

The pentagram: Symbol of humanity, victory over the elements, connection with nature, protection and spirituality.

Pracxis: Taken from the Latin practicus, which means effective action and praxis, which is the physiological and mainly psychic activity associated with a result (Foulq.-St-Jean, 1962) or the set of practices humanity uses to change nature and the world (K. Marx).

G5 : Illustrated by the pentagram. The aim is to Grow, the actions are to Govern and Guide, and the resources are human Genius and Group (society).